NEXTLINK Internet Service Areas

Many have been asking, so here is a list of the Nextlink Internet service areas in Texas.

NEXTLINK-texas-service-areasLiterally, every week we roll out new internet coverage areas, so please keep checking back. We are continually growing, providing excellent customer service and high-speed internet service in Central Texas. By the way, we called our high school English teacher and got permission to list your town without the use of a comma, before “TX.” That’s just a better way for us to list this in order to reach you online. Thanks for your interest.

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If you see your community listed, please contact us at 855-698-5465 and speak to our friendly staff. (If you are not in the new coverage areas, we are expanding daily! Request that we contact you as soon as we have coverage in your area.) Thanks.

So, get ready for an awesome list where you’ll easily find your city or town…or ZIP code:
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